Important New Helpers!
Hello everyone!

I am very excited to finally announce our new helpers! The staff team and I have agreed to only pick 4 applications, as we don't need more as of right now. The application process has been closed, which means no one will be able to apply as of right now. When the time comes, as our server grows we will be reopening them and announcing on our forums about recruiting new helpers.

Now, let's give a warm welcome to our brand new Helpers!
  • Sawaxi
  • irenepm
  • TheRango789
  • iTsGabo_
They will receive the rank on discord, server and the website over the next few days after we get them settled in.

I would like to inform everyone that we are currently looking for Helpers on the server. Your job is to make sure that you are active in the chats and making sure you are satisfying other players. Remember, you will not get staff by donating or giving players items, you are rewarded staff by how you handle situations and treat others. We are looking for people who are dedicated to helping us answer questions and concerns the community has.

If you think you meet our requirements, please fill out this form:

Remember as a Helper you are not forced into anything, we just expect you to help other players who are in need of help. You will also get chance to preview features before they are put into the server and you will be apart of our decisions we make together as a team. I'm looking forward to all the responses. GLHF!

All responses will be emailed and responded to within 1-3 days. You will receive an email with a yes or no answer.
Changes and additions based on the community feedback.
  • We have finally introduced sellall to our server! This will not be replacing our merchant system, but we will be supporting both ways of selling.
    • I'm really glad to be adding this to the server, this will hopefully eliminate the problem of running to merchants for some players.
    • There are also a few aliases: [sa, sell, sellall]
  • Personal Mines! You are now able to purchase a private mine on your own plot, you will be given an extra plot that will be dedicated to your own mine, you are allowed to add players to your plot so they can mine inside of it as well.
  • Chat Filter! We have finally added in a system to help moderate chat, this will hopefully help reduce the number of players spamming chat channels and also help filter inappropriate words.
  • Staff Applications. We are going to be opening staff applications later today, it will be done through a private google form that only administrators are able to view, we will be looking forward to recruiting a few helpers. Remember we are looking for players who are friendly with other players and deserve to be on our staff team.
  • Massive changes to pets who had the ability to fly, due to players attempting to exit the mines, remember this is a bannable offense. if you are caught, you will be permanently banned.
    • Pets can no longer fly.

I am very excited to announce the top voters for the month of January! These prisoners will be receiving extra-goodies for making sure to vote for us daily.

Top Voters List:
  1. minegamer011891 - 163 Votes - 5x Legendary Keys
  2. iTsGabo_ - 159 Votes - 4x Legendary Keys
  3. Timmy032 - 152 Votes - 3x Legendary Keys
  4. irenepm - 149 Votes - 2x Legendary Keys
  5. kymast3 - 133 Votes - 1x Legendary Key
  6. TheRango789 - 115 Votes - 5x Mythical Keys
  7. GemelosGamer - 113 Votes - 4x Mythical Keys
  8. Sawaxi - 110 Votes - 3x Mythical Keys
  9. xPaulawin - 100 Votes - 2x Mythical Keys
  10. diegomatrix3000 - 99 Votes - 1x Mythical Keys
Wanted to also thank everyone who participated this month by voting for us daily, you guys are helping our server grow day by day! Votes have been reset, if you didn't make it last month, nows your chance to go for it!
Changes and additions based on the community feedback.
  • Added and changed prices, rewards, and coins in all the crates, you can check out whats new by left clicking on the crate.
    • It was really time to change up the rewards, also added a chance to win other crate keys from the voting crate.
  • Changes towards donator kits replaced health potions with gapples.
    • PotPvP wasn't really the best decision, instead, we are moving towards Gapple PvP
  • Added more armor and swords to donor kits above Gummybear+.
  • We now backward compatible with Minecraft version 1.7x but we strongly encourage to use Minecraft version 1.8x and higher.
  • Removed cooldown on gapples, to hopefully encourage Gapple PvP
  • Strength II is now vanilla, it does some serious damage.
  • We are also aiming to implement our special version of /sellall, this will with its own update during this weekend, this is going to be a huge feature!
Changes and additions based on the community feedback.
  • Removed the /fly command for regular users.
    • This is a pretty big change, I want to start doing weekend events that will give players free fly mode during the weekends, although donors from Jellybean and above will keep the /fly command.
  • Removed the /pay command for all users.
    • This, in my opinion, is a huge change. I want to stop high-rank players from giving money to low-rank players without their permission. However, if you desperately need to pay someone, you can create a plot shop or sell something at the auction with the price.
  • Added in support for a future selling system, more information below.
  • Fixed issues with our player message of the day
  • Updated our server list message.
  • Fixed multiple issues with ChestShop, and will soon be displaying Bag ID
  • We've hired a new Developer! you won't see him on the server much, but he will be doing a lot of work on our channels plugin! Multi-language support soon!
  • We are also working on creating a player guide for all new players who might need it!
  • Rules will also be redone throughout the week, and will now display scalable punishments, more information on this soon.

It has been brought to my attention about some players being able to vote every 8 hours, this is from the voting sites and out of our control. This is perfectly fine, at the end of the day more votes help the server go up in ranking and be displayed to other users.
Changes and additions based on the community feedback.
  • New host! we now support EU and US players from our 3 locations. (San Jose, Ashburn, and Amsterdam)
  • All mines will automatically reset every 60 minutes, but the mine will still trigger a reset if it is 50% mined.
  • Introduced /color for all donor ranks, this will change your chat color.
  • Introduced /votetop that will display the top voters in order
    • We will be giving away rewards for the top voters of January! Possibly keys and ranks.
  • Adjusted Crate rewards for Legendary, Mythical and Rare, will look into adjusting the others later.
  • Store is back online and we will soon be accepting Paysafecards!
Changes and additions based on the community feedback.
  • You can now have only 2 accounts logged into the server.
  • Players can no longer be able to join the server using a VPN.
  • Players can no longer fly when entering the pvp arena.
  • Introduced a giveaway bot in our discord! We will be hosting weekly giveaway's that consist of free upgrades and items from our store!
  • Planned staff features to help improve their experience (staff mode, etc)
  • Introduced private vaults for donors, this will hopefully increase plot shop activity, when transferring items from your shops to your desired merchant. (/pv #)
    • Please do not put important items in these vaults, they can be wiped at anytime, we highly recommend storing high value items in your plot.
  • Rank upgrades have been fixed on the store, when you upgrade, you will not have more than 1 donor rank.
Some people were wondering about a few things about a kit x-mas and new-years. I don't think we will be implementing these as we don't want to release something like that this early into release. But that doesn't mean we won't do future events. :)

NOTICE: I am very thankful for all the donations, but the store will be down for a few days as we setup more gateways for users.
Changes and additions based on the community feedback.
  • Majority of the permission bugs are fixed.
  • PvP Arena has been adjusted and introduced a potion shop next to /warp pvp will be released later today.
  • All mines now reset silently.
  • Nerf-ed the max EXP per pickaxe level from "20,000" to "10,000"
  • Everyone on the server now has access to /fly.
  • You are now able to clear the contents of a bag by "shift + right clicking" while holding the bag in your hand.
  • Coin item deposits have been changed, you can no longer left click to deposit them, you can only right-click. This should help with selling to plot shops.
Greeting players,

To begin with, we'd like to welcome everyone to my newest project, Candy Prison. I, alongside my administration team, have worked hard for the past few months in creating a unique/revamped prison server, and we're happy to announce that we're preparing for launch on the 22nd December.

A lot of you may be coming from my old server, Crusade Mines, and may be wondering what has changed and why you should dive into Candy Prison. Below I've listed a simple bullet pointed list of new and returning features to the server.

Features and Additions

  • Completely redesigned our entire prison map, new arenas, mines and an amazing spawn. You can see them here.
  • Bags have been completely redesigned, with our new design, it allows us to have more than 64 slot bags. You are also able to sell the contents in the bag to plot shops! [amazing]
  • Crates have also been redesigned, into more categories for a cheaper price on our store.
  • Crate rewards have been balanced
  • Donator ranks have also been tweaked, not in a bad way, just added more ranks in between the old ones.
  • In addition with our new mines, we've also adjusted how mines reset, they now use a percentage based reset system and a much more unique style of resetting the blocks. we've also replaced ladders with a fun system of getting to the top:)
  • Server Pets have also been introduced, small mobs will follow you around the server, but will disappear if you enter a pvp zone.
  • Voting sites have been adjusted, and will now give everyone on the server a Dropparty Crate key when the server hits the voting milestone of 250 votes.
  • Titles have also been completely reworked, and will now be exclusively available in...